Free WSDL Editor

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an editor other than notepad.exe to write WSDL files from scratch ?

Have a look at:

It’s free !

Attributes – The New Macros ?

Do you remember the times when C++ was the mainstream programming language in enterprise level projects ? A popular approach was to simplify the code by defining a lot of macros. Even Microsoft did that very extensively in their MFC implementation for instance in their ubiquitous messagemaps. The benefit was an easy progamming model – . . . → Read More: Attributes – The New Macros ?

Cripple Objects In The Web Services World

When you read different forums there is a lot of talk about serialisation of plattform dependent types. Pepole are asking how to get a .NET Type (e.g. DataSet) from Java or vice versa (e.g. Resultset). If you are developing end to end .NET or J2EE applications you don’t have to worry about that. The runtime . . . → Read More: Cripple Objects In The Web Services World

Web Service Standards Confusion ?

This article on MSDN gives a good overview over the most important upcoming Web Service standards. It’s worth a look.

Web Service Interop Impressions

As we know Web Services are about interoperability. Let’s prove it I thought and tried to figure out how far we can get when we try to write interoperable Web Services. On the .NET side I used WSE2.0. On the J2EE it’s a little bit more complicated. You have to choose amongst Axis, IBM WSDK, . . . → Read More: Web Service Interop Impressions

Where are we going ?

Today I would like to share some thoughts about the future of information technology.

If you look back in the history of information technology you will see one obvious trend. What I mean is abstraction. The first important step was the object oriented paradigma which allows us to model the real world into code. . . . → Read More: Where are we going ?


The time has come. I’ve set up a weblog as many others did before. You may ask for the reason (i hope you will). The reason is to keep in touch with the people. During my life as a professional coach and trainer I met many people in projects or at trainings and conferences. Wouldn’t . . . → Read More: Welcome