HTML5 Geolocation

Recently I’ve been playing with HTML5 features just to see what it can do in the area of Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Especially geolocation, local storage and application caching got my attention.
As I don’t think privacy is a concept of the past, I thought it would be a nice use case to track a persons location and store it locally.
So I created a little Location Tracker App to show those features in action.

The required browser features are not supported on all desktop browsers. But due to the fact that most mobile webbrowsers are based on Webkit, it runs on almost any mobile device. (Using a location tracker on a fixed PC seems to be of limited use anyway ;-))

It is amazing to see what you can do with HTML5, Modernizr, KnockoutJS, jQuery and a few lines of JavaScript. For me HTML5 is an interesting option especially for mobile devices.