Executable BPMN for Business Analysts?

People asking for the differences between BPMN and BPEL they often hear BPMN is graph oriented whereas BPEL is block oriented. But what does that actually mean and why is it important?

Block orientation means that there is no way back in the process like a goto statement. In BPEL a common workaround is to . . . → Read More: Executable BPMN for Business Analysts?

Goto is not Evil

Those of you who tried to convert BPMN to BPEL know the “Goto”-Problem which stems from the fact that BPMN is graph oriented while BPEL is block oriented. This makes it hard to transform one into the other and causes pain in todays BPMN undertakings. Although goto is banned in modern programming languages, business-like modeling . . . → Read More: Goto is not Evil

Free BPEL 2.0 Designer

Active Endpoints, Inc., the leading provider of SOA orchestration products and services, today announced the availability of ActiveBPEL 3.0. The ActiveBPEL product family includes open source and commercial SOA orchestration solutions that are standards-compliant and platform-neutral, forming the foundation for fast, cost-effective business and systems integration. Among other important capabilities, ActiveBPEL 3.0 comprehensively supports the . . . → Read More: Free BPEL 2.0 Designer

Mediation and Orchestration

If you are in a real project knowing the difference between mediation and orchestration is important. In my previous blog entry I gave a short introduction into the different types of processes. If found some interesting articles that provide more detailed information about the subject.

A good article written by Satadru Roy about mediation and . . . → Read More: Mediation and Orchestration

Platform Independent BPEL Designer

For good reason a lot of people are claiming a contract first approach in terms of Web Service design. I think it makes perfect sense to use a sound vendor independent format to describe important resources like for instance Web Service interfaces. But this approach is not limited to WSDL only. It applies to Business . . . → Read More: Platform Independent BPEL Designer