HTML5 Geolocation

Recently I’ve been playing with HTML5 features just to see what it can do in the area of Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Especially geolocation, local storage and application caching got my attention. As I don’t think privacy is a concept of the past, I thought it would be a nice use case to track . . . → Read More: HTML5 Geolocation

RIA goes to Hollywood

Most RIA technologies today use an asynchronous model to communicate with the server, primarily to keep the UI responsive no matter what the server is doing. This principle is also known as the Hollywood principle. Don’t call us, we call you means that instead of continuously polling, the server calls back when the operation finished. . . . → Read More: RIA goes to Hollywood

Wide or Deep? – That is the Question

There has been some discussion over the last months about the future of Silverlight and it’s role especially compared to HTML 5. This question is regularly asked in my Silverlight workshops as well, so it is time to shed some light on it. To me it seems that essentially the question is whether you would . . . → Read More: Wide or Deep? – That is the Question