The Future of ServiceMix

In the ServiceMix forum there is an interesting debate going on about the Future of ServiceMix. I’ve collected some quotes from the thread. I know it is sometimes dangerous to cite people without giving the full context, but I think it helps to get a rough idea about the direction in which ServiceMix is heading. . . . → Read More: The Future of ServiceMix

Open Source SOA Article

I published my recent article about Open Source SOA (especially Apache ServiceMix and Apache Ode) in the current issue (08/07) of the German magazine Javamagazin.

You can read “SOA auf die leichte Art” online.

What is ServiceMix?

ServiceMix is one of the very first working ESBs that includes support for all of the JBI 1.0 APIs, enabling you to explore and evaluate the potential benefits of an Enterprise Service Bus. A good introduction can be found at: Plug into JBI with ServiceMix