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  1. Hi,from my point of view (and as an open source veondr point of view), the main problem is that there’s no real definition of ESB, each veondr, or even consultant, has its own definition. We’ve met some guys of TIBCO, and for their new product, they gave up to call ESB what we call ESB. ESB means anything.Then, you don’t need ESB for SOA. But it just can save you time/money.1- In development : With a development framework, you avoid losing time on repetitive tasks2- In production : If you have some production needs, like security, high avalability, scalability, monitoring That would be quite long and maybe less stable to create from scratch. And with ESB you can get support from veondrs, which might be essential.Then, it’s clear, ESB is not SOA. 95% of ESB use today is not about SOA, but just classic integration.SOA is not ESB is not that clear to me. It might depends on your definition of ESB. Most of the time, SOA would cost less with an ESB, both for development and production phase. So, most of the time, ESB could be useful in an SOA.Hoping my comment is not too veondr-oriented or marketing-sucker-oriented ^^

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