Integrated Process Management with Open Source

If you ever tried to create an execution environment to automate business- or integration processes based on Open Source products, you know that this is not an easy task. Although Open Source products like Activiti or Apache Camel are of high quality, they do not run with production grade quality out-of-the-box. For serious usage scenarios . . . → Read More: Integrated Process Management with Open Source

Business Process Evolution and Versioning

(Automated) business processes evolve over time! And they usually evolve faster than IT systems do. So how can business process changes be delivered to the users quickly?

Let’s look at an example: Assume we have a process for vacation planning for the staff of a large company. Initially the process was automated based on the . . . → Read More: Business Process Evolution and Versioning

Combining Groovy and XSLT for Data Transformation

In the blog post Beautiful Transformations with Groovy I described how easy it is to create data transformations with Groovy. But sometimes organisations invested massively in XSLT transformation and want to reuse their existing XSLT templates. Read on for an an example that shows how to do that.

Assume we want to transform the following . . . → Read More: Combining Groovy and XSLT for Data Transformation

Applying Enterprise Service Bus Technology

In February and March 2008 I am giving a series of presentations about applying the Enterprise Service Bus technology in practice.

If you are interested please register here:

JBI and Apache Servicemix as Enterprise Service Bus

I published my recent article titled JBI and Apache Servicemix as Enterprise Service Bus in the current issue (06/07) of the German magazine Javaspektrum. You can read it online.

Next Generation ESB – The Internet Service Bus

Microsoft made available the first version of it’s Bitzalk Services as Community Technical Preview (CTP). Biztalk Services serve as the basis for the next generation ESB the so called Internet Service Bus (ISB). Unlike the name suggests it is not dependent on Biztalk Server.

The ISB offers functionality in the following areas: – Identity management . . . → Read More: Next Generation ESB – The Internet Service Bus

Microsofts ESB Offering

If you asked IT professionals about Microsofts offerings in the area of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) you did not get an answer. It is not that they had nothing to offer it just seemed that Microsoft did not think that from a marketing perspective it was the right strategy to sell an ESB as a . . . → Read More: Microsofts ESB Offering

Legacy Integration with JBI

In the article Integrating CICS with the Jbi4CICS Component Amedeo Cannone and Stefano Rosini describe how to integrate a CICS system using a JBI component.

To me it shows two things.

1. How standardization (JBI) helps to create reusable components. 2. The power of the modularization with clearly defined responsibilities.

The result is that you . . . → Read More: Legacy Integration with JBI

The Future of JBI

In his blog Marc Little from JBoss posted his opinion regarding the JBI standard.

Although not supported by IBM and BEA it seems that JBI will have a future especially in the Open Source world. Currently JBoss ESB does not support JBI, but this is likely to change in the future.


. . . → Read More: The Future of JBI

What is ServiceMix?

ServiceMix is one of the very first working ESBs that includes support for all of the JBI 1.0 APIs, enabling you to explore and evaluate the potential benefits of an Enterprise Service Bus. A good introduction can be found at: Plug into JBI with ServiceMix