Scrum Poster

When introducing Scrum in a project it is essential for the team to get used to the terms quickly. The Scrum Poster gives a nice overview which might help in this regard.

Domain Specific Languages (DSL) with Groovy

In the current issue of Javamagazin you’ll find my latest article about how to create Domain Specific Languages with Groovy. Unfortunately the article is not yet published online, so that you have to get the printed magazine to read it.

Cars, Software and Competitiveness

It is often said that software development should be like building cars.

But cars are very different from modern software systems. Since its invention more that 100 years ago a car is a very stable concept. This works because the purpose for which it is build (driving on a more or less solid ground) is . . . → Read More: Cars, Software and Competitiveness

Biztalk Technology Specialist

I passed the Microsoft Biztalk Server certification (MCTS) with flying colors (985).

An MCTS is:

“A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 (MCTS: BizTalk Server) has a deep and broad understanding of the design and development of distributed applications that use BizTalk Server 2006. The credential holder has also demonstrated expertise in . . . → Read More: Biztalk Technology Specialist

How to enable request logging for pax-web-service OSGi bundle

Due to lack of documentation enabling request logging for the pax-web-service OSGi bundle can be time consuming task. This is how it can be achieved:

1. Create a OSGi fragment bundle using Maven 2 like this: pom.xml 2. Add jetty.xml to src/main/resources directory of your project. Example: jetty.xml 3. Install the bundle into your OSGI . . . → Read More: How to enable request logging for pax-web-service OSGi bundle

Evolution of Languages

After working a while with Groovy in a project I have the impression that it is the better Java. Mainly because it introduces nice productivity features such as closures, runtime compilation, loose typing, operator overloading just to name a few. These features are available in C# for instance as lambda expression, extensions methods or type . . . → Read More: Evolution of Languages

The Future of Java

In his newsletter What’s Next? Life After J2EE David Chappel writes down some interesting thoughts about the future of Java.

“…. Given this reality, what will the dominant Java application platform look like in the next few years? One possibility is that no leading choice will emerge, that JEE5 and Open SOA and various open . . . → Read More: The Future of Java

QuickModeler 2.1 released

When Visual Studio 2005 was released, I thought that there wouldn’t be the need for a reverse engineering class designer anymore. So I did not migrate QuickModeler to VS.NET 2005. But in the recent months I got many requests for this add-in. This is probably due to the fact that Visual Studio Express does not . . . → Read More: QuickModeler 2.1 released

Books Books Books

Galileo Computing publishes full versions of some interesting German books online. Very nice, thank you.

Meet me at TechEd Barcelona

This year I am going proctor the Hands on Labs and work at the Ask-the-experts booth at Microsoft TechEd again. The conference takes place from 7-10 November in Barcelona, Spain.

TechEd is Microsoft