Increase Efficiency using Groovy, DSL and SOA

Recently SpringSource published a case study of a project which I supported as system architect and lead developer from concept to production. The case study shows how organisations can greatly increase efficiency by the use of modern technology approaches such as Groovy, SOA and Domain Specific Languages (DSL). You can read the case study here.

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Dehydrating long running Groovy DSLs

In my recent article about Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) published in the 12/2009 issue of Javamagazin I described how to implement DSLs using Groovy. In the article I mentioned that dehydration (state persistence) could be added to the DSL runtime if needed to support long running processes. I’ve created a Groovy script dehydration.groovy to illustrate . . . → Read More: Dehydrating long running Groovy DSLs

Domain Specific Languages (DSL) with Groovy

In the current issue of Javamagazin you’ll find my latest article about how to create Domain Specific Languages with Groovy. Unfortunately the article is not yet published online, so that you have to get the printed magazine to read it.