SOA/BPM Roadshow

From September until November 2006 the SOA/BPM Roadshow takes place in various German cities. I’ll be giving a presentation about the role of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as part of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). If you would like to attend please register here. I hope to see you.

Microsoft Biztalk vs. Apache ServiceMix

Over the last few weeks I’ve been evaluating Apache ServiceMix Enterprise Service Bus. I wanted to find out whether it is suitable for production and which features it offers. Compared to commercial products like Biztalk Server it is limited in functionality but nevertheless it is quite useful and works well. If you are looking for . . . → Read More: Microsoft Biztalk vs. Apache ServiceMix


I’m currently investigating some open source ESB products. I’m am trying to find out whether they are mature enough for production use. Especially ServiceMix is very promising. In order to develop a new EAI or BPM application it’s also important to have some tools at hand which make developers life a bit easier. Two or . . . → Read More: XML/XSL Tools

Virtual Server for Free

Microsoft provides Virtual Server 2005 as free download.

Moreover they provide Linux Guest Support for all who are using Linux as guest operating system.

SOA Maturity Model

Quote taken from the website: Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has emerged as the most significant shift in how business applications are designed, developed and implemented in the last 10 years, eclipsing the shift to client-server. In fact, Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2008, “SOA will provide the basis for 80 percent of new development projects.”

While . . . → Read More: SOA Maturity Model

Schizophrenic Attitude Amongst The Java Community

In the early days of Java a strong argument used by the proponents of the technology was standards compliance. Later on the community realized that the standardized technologies were not enough to meet common project requirements or the way they worked was not the most elegant. That’s why frameworks like Struts or Spring appeared. Nowadays . . . → Read More: Schizophrenic Attitude Amongst The Java Community

The Future of BEA Weblogic Workshop

BEA recently introduced it’s new Eclipse-based development environment after an acquisition of M7. This immediately raises questions about the future of the BEA Weblogic Workshop 8.1 product which by now was the development environment from BEA. The BEA Workshop Studio 3.0 FAQ elucidates the subject.

Quote from the FAQ: “There will initially be two developer . . . → Read More: The Future of BEA Weblogic Workshop

JSF Gets Mature

If you start developing your Java JSF application you might realize very soon that the standard component set even with Apache MyFaces is very limited. Now the company Orbix released a new version of Web Studio 2005 which includes a rich set of web components like for instance Grids, Menus, Trees and Tabs. You can . . . → Read More: JSF Gets Mature

New Workflow System

Microsoft announced Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) on Sept. 14, 2005, as the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow-enabled applications on Windows. Seems to be an interesting technology, because nowadays a lot applications implement their own workflow engines. Moreover the support for human based workflow is often not very sophisticated amongst professional products . . . → Read More: New Workflow System

Culminis Speakers Bureau

Recently I joined the Culminis Speakers Bureau.

Quotation: “The Culminis Speakers Bureau, a service available exclusively to Culminis Member Organizations, and provides top IT presenters including Microsoft speakers. Only presenters with top credentials are allowed in the Culminis Speakers Bureau, and after a speaker is utilized, Member Organizations are allowed to rate the speakers online, . . . → Read More: Culminis Speakers Bureau