Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my colleagues, partners and friends. I wish you all the best and look forward to meeting you again in 2004.

VC++.NET – The Glue To Integrate .NET and Java

Have you ever had the need for Java/.NET Integration ? Although the main approach is web services interop, sometimes it’s necessary to do some lower level integration. For example if you have a neat java library for instance for logging purposes which is tightly integrated in your application.

Why not use it within your .NET . . . → Read More: VC++.NET – The Glue To Integrate .NET and Java

Best Regards From ADO.NET

IBM and BEA announced the the new Service Data Object Specification (SDO). It promises to simplify and unify several Java data access methods. Most important it introduces support for disconnected data access scenarios. Therewith it follows the same design principle as ADO.NET.

Below is a comparsion of the main classes (.NET – Java):

DataSet – . . . → Read More: Best Regards From ADO.NET

Wanted: Weblogic Server Administrator

Are you an experienced BEA Weblogic Server administrator ? Are you looking for a Project ?

Please let me know.

Who Is Defining The Standards ?

In the past the picture was clear. On one hand there were “open” standards like the J2SE/J2EE maintained via the Java Community Process(JCP) and hosted by Sun Microsystems. Other vendors participated and helped the standards evolve. On the other hand were de facto standards, mainly set by Microsoft, for instance MFC or the .NET . . . → Read More: Who Is Defining The Standards ?