Weblogic Server Supports WS-Security 1.0

BEA Weblogic Platform now supports the OASIS Web Services Security Specification.

Implementation of the Final 1.0 OASIS Web Services Security Specification
WebLogic Web Services now implement the following OASIS Standard 1.0 Web Services Security specifications, dated April 6, 2004:

Web Services Security: SOAP Message Security
Web Services Security: Username Token Profile
Web Services Security: X.509 Token Profile

Although it’s great that Web Service Security ist standarized within a platform, the interesting question is whether it’s possible to connect distinct platforms in a secure manner.
Currently I’m setting up a new study in order to show whether WS-Security is mature enough to connect for instance BEA Weblogic Server 8.1 SP3 and Microsoft WSE2.0. If you would like to get involved in the study please let me know. I’ll keep you informed.