Does Spring dm server help to gain OSGi independence?

Recently when I talked to people or read articles about Spring DM Server it was frequently explained that one reason for using it in favour of plain OSGi is to gain independence from OSGi.
Although Spring DM Server comes with a simple to use POJO-based approach to implement OSGi services, the same can be achieved with OSGi declarative services which is part of the OSGi standard services.
With just one configuration file one can turn a POJO into an OSGi service without any OSGi plumbing. This seems to be often overlooked.

There are other reasons why one would want to use Spring DM server instead of plain OSGi, but achieving independence is clearly not.
Rather the opposite is true. Instead if relying on the widely accepted OSGi industry standard another dependency namely Spring DM server is added.
That is ok if it helps to create a better technical solution, but there is a price to pay.