JAX 2020: Big Data and Agile Culture

This year JAX is taking place from 7. September to 11. September in Mainz. W-JAX is taking place from 2. November to 6. November in Munich. Due to the Corona situaton it will be a special experience as the conferences are going to be held in an hybrid manner (on-site and online). In my sessions I am going to talk about Big Data and Agile Culture.

In the Big Data session I am going to show you how to set up an Open Source Big Data platform from scratch. You will see how popular technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Kafka and others work together. We are going to implement a typical end-to-end use case live together. You’ll get a solid understanding of what these technologies do and how they work together to form a platform.

The Agile session covers aspects of culture as a building block of agile organisation development. I am going to talk about what culture actually is, why it is an essential part of “being agile” and how to develop it. Moreover I am going to share experiences and common pitfalls on the journey of agile culture development.

I am glad to be there and hope to meet you on-site or online.

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