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Web Service Interop Article

In it’s current issue the DOTNETPRO magazine published my recent article about developing interoperable Web Services with J2EE and .NET. It’s worth a look. What else should I say?

!! New Phone Numbers !!

Due to a provider change my phone numbers have also changed. Please update your contacts with the new numbers:

Phone: +49.(0)2151.3864844 Fax: +49.(0)2151.159404 Mobile: +49.(0)176.23207379

For a limited time you can reach me with the old numbers as well. Thank you.

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Getting Mobile

Yesterday I got my new XDA II PocketPC. It runs Windows Pocket PC 2003 Phone edition. I’m impressed of the power and functionality of this device. I think there is no device on the market which comes close to it. And the best is that It hosts the .NET Compact Framework. Together with a GPRS . . . → Read More: Getting Mobile


The JSE1.5 Beta 1 has been released. The list of features is very promising. The release will include a lot of things I appreciate very much in C#.

For instance:

Metadata Generics Boxing/Unboxing Enums Foreach equivalent Formatted output etc.

This release is a good example how competition drives innovation.

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UML As Sketch

On his weblog Martin Fowler expressed an interesting opinion about Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and the use of UML. He speaks out what I have experienced in a lot of projects. The model driven approach is heavyweight and often impractical. One reason might be the lack of reliable and fast,handy tools especially when it . . . → Read More: UML As Sketch