Tips For Web Service Interoperability

You’ll find some useful tips for Web Service interop at Top Ten Tips for Web Services Interoperability and in my german article Entwicklung interoperabler Web Services mit J2EE und .NET in the dotnetpro magazine (Login required).

Generic Web Service Interfaces – The Right Choice?

Sometimes I hear the question “Why not decouple the service from the caller by using generic interfaces?”

To better understand this question let’s have a look at the following pseudo code example: BookingService { Flight[] getAvailableFlights(date flightDate, string destination); bool bookFlight(int flightId); }

The Web Service BookingService has two methods, which can be called . . . → Read More: Generic Web Service Interfaces – The Right Choice?

Implications of SOA

In his blog Patt Helland talks about Why I hate the phrase “Long Running Transactions”.

I think this is a good example why we have to reconsider a lot of software engineering concepts when we want to develop Service Oriented Applications. SOA has more implications than we might see today.

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This is SOA!

A friend of mine Antoine Doubacis who works at the olympic games in Athens took this picture in the olympic village.

It somehow reminds me to SOA. Looks complicated but has well defined interfaces. Quite impressive.

What have Open Source Software and Cars in Common?

During the recent months I had to deal with several open source implementations like Log4J, Jacorb or Tomcat. While I was happy that it is free in terms of licence cost I was unhappy about some other issues that campe up when using it in an productive environment.

To make things clearer it sometimes helps . . . → Read More: What have Open Source Software and Cars in Common?