SCA White Paper

David Chappel wrote a introductory white paper to Service Component Architecture (SCA). It is worth reading as SCA has the potential to become one of the leading component development paradigms in the near future.

Legacy Integration with JBI

In the article Integrating CICS with the Jbi4CICS Component Amedeo Cannone and Stefano Rosini describe how to integrate a CICS system using a JBI component.

To me it shows two things.

1. How standardization (JBI) helps to create reusable components. 2. The power of the modularization with clearly defined responsibilities.

The result is that you . . . → Read More: Legacy Integration with JBI

Open Source SOA Article

I published my recent article about Open Source SOA (especially Apache ServiceMix and Apache Ode) in the current issue (08/07) of the German magazine Javamagazin.

You can read “SOA auf die leichte Art” online.