Is EJB dead in times of SOA?

In times of lightweight containers and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) is not the predominant development model anymore. Instead multiple technologies and frameworks are competing to be THE service development model of the future. For instance SCA, Spring, Axis, CXF and …

… probably EJB?

The Jbi4Ejb Binding Component allows to integrate . . . → Read More: Is EJB dead in times of SOA?

SOA without BPM without SOA

Some people argue that SOA and BPM are two different things. That is probably right because it is possible to create a service landscape without having a business process representation. But if you look at the main reason for establishing a service oriented architecture the perspective changes. The main reason for SOA is business agility. . . . → Read More: SOA without BPM without SOA

SOA Transformation

In the current issue of Javamagazin you can read my latest article about SOA-Transformation. It covers the more organizational aspects of service oriented architecture.