The time has come. I’ve set up a weblog as many others did before. You may ask for the reason (i hope you will).
The reason is to keep in touch with the people.
During my life as a professional coach and trainer I met many people in projects or at trainings and conferences.
Wouldn’t it be nice to share something with these people even after leaving the location ? I think yes.

Why English ?

Almost everyone in the IT industry speaks English, but only a few speak German if you work in an international environment (what a pity).
Though my English is far from being perfect, I think it’s good enough to share my experiences with others. I hope you will excuse the mistakes (especially joking is very hard in a foreign language).
Some issues might be interesting only for German readers. In this case I’m going to write in German.

What can you expect ?

As my focus is on enterprise integration, J2EE and .NET technology, you will find information about these issues in the blog.
Because I’m standing with one leg in the .NET and with the other in the J2EE camp the content will sometimes be more related to one or the other side (which one is the dark one ?).
I’ll try my best only to write about things which might be interesting to other people as well.
If you are concerned with cross platform and interoperability issues this blog is for you (what are the most all-purpose words in the it industry ? platform, component and object I guess).
Sometimes the content will be prose and sometimes in depth technical information.

In real situations it’s boring if one speaks and the others just listen. The same is true for a weblog (the difference is that I can’t see you yawning).
So feel free to participate in this blog by posting comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

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