Agile Games Released

Today my Windows 8 app Agile Games passed the Microsoft certification process. It is now available in the Windows Store.


The app acts a a host of typical games that are utilized in agile projects. The first game is planning poker which can be now played by distributed teams over the internet. Other games will be added to upcoming versions. I implemented the app using HTML5/CSS/JavaScript and jQuery. The backend is based on HTML Web Sockets and hosted on Windows Azure cloud infrastructure. Although in my personal opinion XAML/C# is more productive than HTML/JS, I must admit that app development with HTML/JS is great fun. Existing techniques and frameworks such as jQuery or Knockout can be used and the JavaScript code has a high potential of reuse in different environments and across platforms. The WinJS APIs allow a smooth integration to use Windows functionality such as search and sharing. And last but not least the touch interface lifts the user experience to the next level.
If you want to know to develop how those apps, please attend the Windows Store App Development Workshop. I think Windows Apps have a great potential. They are well suited to reach users in a modern way. Most business workstations today are equipped with Windows so the market is huge. Let’s start coding!