The Second Day at TechEd

On the second day I attended some interesting sessions.
One was about Microsoft and Open Source. Very interesting what Microsoft says about Linux, Application server, Standards and other open source products.
Althought it’s not an easy subject to speak about the atmosphere was very calm, open and polite.
I like this kind of constructive communication. Some of the comments were very enlighting.
I attended a Don Box session about several hosting containers as well. No comments.

At the end of the day I attended a session about mobile development with the Compact Framework 2.0. Very interesting.
In general the main topic in terms of development is the upcoming product release of Visual Studio.NET 2005.
It’s great to see new visual modeling support inside the development environment.
Whitehorse will inprove the way operations people, developers and architects will work together. And there will be a class designer for roundtrip engineering as well. It’s not an MDA approach, but a pragmatic modelling approach to enable developers to do round trip engineering. I’m glad to see that.
The new features of ASP.NET are very exiting as well. You will have personalization, authentication, and portal support with low effort. The languages have been improved as well. We’ll have generics and new (and easier) C++ language extensions.
On the whole a lot of improvements which will ease the development.
And the best thing is WSE2.0 now fully supports the OASIS WS-Security specification from 6.April 2004. This is the first toolkit available which can be used to create standards compliant secure Web Services.
What was first – the specification or the product? This question has not been answered yet.

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