New Technology is Raising New Questions

Today I attended a panel discussion about Web Service architecture.
Beside all the new technologies which are shown at TechEd I mostly like these smaller sessions where interesting discussions can happen.
During the session a lot of interesting topics were adressed although not answered. What you can see are the new issues which arise when trying to set up a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Every new technology solves some problems but at the same time raises new questions.
That’s the great thing about information technology, isn’t it?

Let me give you a short summray of the most interesting topics:

– Generic service interfaces
– Dealing with referenced and replicated data
– Different service levels, service categorisation
– Service versioning
– Service contract lifetime
– Distributing service semantics
– Universal entity modeling

I would be happy to hear your ideas about these topics.
Feel free to contact me if your are at TechEd or anywhere else.

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