New Workshop! Developing Modern User Interfaces Using WinRT

I am offering a new workshop that is dedicated to developing Windows Store Apps using WinRT and related technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XAML and C#. The workshop is intended for people who want to find out whether Windows Store Apps are a good option for your application development in addition to or instead of . . . → Read More: New Workshop! Developing Modern User Interfaces Using WinRT

HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

As part of continuously maintaining my certifications, I passed the exam Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.
Although a lot of developers think that JavaScript is a poor programming language compared to Java or C#, mainly due to it’s weak typing and limited IDE support, it is impressive to see what you can do with it. . . . → Read More: HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

Business Process Evolution and Versioning

(Automated) business processes evolve over time! And they usually evolve faster than IT systems do.
So how can business process changes be delivered to the users quickly?

Let’s look at an example:
Assume we have a process for vacation planning for the staff of a large company. Initially the process was automated based on the knowledge of the human . . . → Read More: Business Process Evolution and Versioning

Agile Process Management with Open Source

Are you interested to know how to combine process management, agility and Open Source software? Then the roadshow Agile Process Management with Open Source is for you. It is going to take place in several German cities during autumn 2012. I am going to present ways to achive efficiency in the area of process automation using . . . → Read More: Agile Process Management with Open Source

HTML5 Geolocation

Recently I’ve been playing with HTML5 features just to see what it can do in the area of Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Especially geolocation, local storage and application caching got my attention.
As I don’t think privacy is a concept of the past, I thought it would be a nice use case to track a persons location . . . → Read More: HTML5 Geolocation

Collocation Is Vital!

What does collocation mean? The concept is very simple. It means bringing together the people who work on a software product in a physical environment. This seems to be natural. But in highly distributed work environments that we have today it is not anymore.

I’ve been working on agile projects for many years and I always hear . . . → Read More: Collocation Is Vital!

Scrum in Reinsurance

On 5. July 2012 I am going to give a presentation introducing an agile Project in the area of reinsurance which I accompanied as Scrum master and solution architect. The conference is going to take place in the SAP Service Center in St. Leon-Rot near Walldorf.
The presentation is called Scrum in reinsurance – a success story. . . . → Read More: Scrum in Reinsurance

Management Attitude and Agility

The German IT magazine Computerwoche published my article about agility and management. The article describes ths difficulties when scaling out Scrum in larger organisations.
You can read it online. Wann Scrum funktioniert: Das Management muss . . . → Read More: Management Attitude and Agility

Scrum and Silverlight in Reinsurance

Today I would like to share a success story of a project I accompanied as Scrum Coach and Solution Architect from analysis to production.

Main success factors were:

Scrum (Agile Development)
Cross functional Team
Service-oriented Design (SOA)
Silverlight RIA

You can read more in the case study Modernization of business . . . → Read More: Scrum and Silverlight in Reinsurance

Lightweight Collaboration Tools

When you work with distributed teams it is important to have lightweight tools for efficient communication. Here are some free tools that I would recommend:

Surveymonkey – Online polls
Doodle – Scheduling
Skype – Video and voice conferencing
Chatzy – Private web based chatrooms (port 80 only, mobile access)
Trello – Scrum and Kanban boards (highly interactive)
Kunagi – Scrum boards (includes . . . → Read More: Lightweight Collaboration Tools