New Technology is Raising New Questions

Today I attended a panel discussion about Web Service architecture. Beside all the new technologies which are shown at TechEd I mostly like these smaller sessions where interesting discussions can happen. During the session a lot of interesting topics were adressed although not answered. What you can see are the new issues which arise when . . . → Read More: New Technology is Raising New Questions

The Second Day at TechEd

On the second day I attended some interesting sessions. One was about Microsoft and Open Source. Very interesting what Microsoft says about Linux, Application server, Standards and other open source products. Althought it’s not an easy subject to speak about the atmosphere was very calm, open and polite. I like this kind of constructive communication. . . . → Read More: The Second Day at TechEd

TechEd Amsterdam is Starting

TechEd 2004 Amsterdam is starting today with the preconference sessions. By now my first impression are about Amsterdam itself. It’s an interesting location. I think the conference will surely contiune after the end of the sessions. The event preparation seems to be as perfect as always. It’s amazing to see all the technical infrastructure. But . . . → Read More: TechEd Amsterdam is Starting

WS-Security Is Arriving

On 6.April 2004 the WS-Security specification was ratified by OASIS Currently this specification is supported only by Microsoft WSE2.0.

Sun announced WS-Security support in JWSDP 1.4 and BEA in Weblogic Server 8.1 SP3.

I’m curious how this products will affect the adoption of Web Service technology.

. . . → Read More: WS-Security Is Arriving

Don’t Miss It!

This year I will attend the Tech Ed 2004 in Amsterdam from 27.June until 2.July. I’ll be proctoring the Hand on Labs and be available the Ask the Expert stand for you. If you visit Tech Ed as well don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward meeting all the nice people that I met . . . → Read More: Don’t Miss It!