Three challenges of BPMN 2.0

There are three major challenges in using BPMN 2.0 as a holistic (360°) approach to Business Process Management (BPM):

Semantic Alignment BPMN like all other high-level process languages is context agnostic. This is good, as it allows a wide adoption throughout the industry. On the other hand it means that it does not explicitly express . . . → Read More: Three challenges of BPMN 2.0

Scrum in Practice

In November I am going to give a series of presentations about Scrum and how it is applied in real projects. If you are interested, please register at BPM-SOA-Center.

Speaking at WebAppDays

At WebAppDays I am going to give a session about the combination of Silverlight-frontends with Java-based backends. A combination that is often overlooked but nonetheless very powerful. I would be glad to meet you there.

Definition of Done – Never without

One of the keys to success in agile projects is a proper Definition of Done (DoD). Only if everybody knows what has to be produced in order to complete a sprint, the goal can be achieved.

The ideal outcome of a sprint is a product increment that is potentially shippable. To achieve that, all . . . → Read More: Definition of Done – Never without

Forms Over Data vs. Domain Driven Design

A common challenge in Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the design of service contracts. Beside many variations we see two basic types of contracts.

Forms over data (FOD) is an approach in which the forms in the user interface directly reflects the data structures in a database. The service-layer, if present, primarily offers create, read, update . . . → Read More: Forms Over Data vs. Domain Driven Design

Scrum Agile Workshop

Today we released our new workshop agile software development using Scrum. The workshop covers not only the basic principles of agile development and Scrum but also advanced topics which are based on real project experience. It is full of best practices and is conducted in German or English by certified Scrum professionals.